Project Description

Towards Productivity & Operational Excellence

A major multinational chemical company knew what was required to accomplish one of their major strategic imperatives: Achieve Operational Excellence.

With over 50,000 employees globally, the company embarked on a concentrated approach that included new processes, and adjusted how they measure their own success by placing more emphasis on Economic Value Add, and ROI.

Finding a Fun Approach to Get Business Acumen

Previous training attempts to increase the business acumen and financial literacy of technically oriented employees met with only marginal success, as the instruction was either too detailed or academic.

Given that employees may now be skeptical, given the previous “dull” approach, the challenge was to find a solution that would accomplish the following:

• Illustrate how each employee and department can contribute to operational excellence
• Draw alignment between operational excellence and profitability
• Have employees gain a full understanding of EVA (Economic Value Add) and ROI.
• Create a learning environment that is highly interactive and engaging

Looking for an Ideal Method

After a few exploratory meetings with client, they turned to Celemi for help. Working closely with their finance department, it was determined that the optimal approach would be to use Celemi Apples & Oranges™ as the foundation for the solution.