Our Powerful Method

At Celemi, we believe that significant, long-term change starts with people. To move people, we strive to touch their hearts, engage their minds, and activate their hands.
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The Power of Learning philosophy is built on Klas Mellander (founder of Celemi)’s belief that the best way to absorb knowledge that lasts is for learners to take responsibility for their own learning. Learners should think, explore, and discover for themselves. They should make mistakes and learn from them.
The Learning Spiral is how we unlock The Power of Learning by recreating a spontaneous learning process. We repeat the Learning Spiral over and over again, because we don’t believe in shortcuts. Real learning – the kind that moves people and organizations – takes time and repetition.

The Learning Spiral


We motivate by triggering curiosity and enthusiasm.


We provide only the necessary information.


We use dialogue, play, and reflection to let learners process the new information.

Aha! moment

Individual ‘aha’ moments of understanding and insights spark and are shared with others.


We help everyone turn their insights into actions for their daily work.
Through our ready-made business simulations and custom solutions, employees practice real-world business situations without risking real-life business. They play. Everyone wins. Your company truly earns.

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