Area of expertise

Business Simulations

Pilots, physicians, military personnel, and athletes all use simulations to prepare for real life. These simulations provide realistic outcomes for the decisions made. This is key.
Celemi’s business simulations provide professionals with an authentic practice ground for serious play. When realistic business impacts are experienced within the simulation, great things can happen.

Repetition leads to mastery

Simulations allow for many decisions to be made at an accelerated pace, boosting professionals’ critical thought and decision-making skills. Participants learn from mistakes without real-life consequences. This creates a safe and fun learning environment.

Team collaboration

Bond and learn from the simulation, the facilitator, and your colleagues at the same time. Whether you are in the same room or across the world, Celemi business simulation games create an environment of teamwork. Our award-winning remote training technology is designed for teams to get together worldwide.

Instant feedback through gamification

Business simulation games can help professionals understand the big picture of business. With instant feedback, time is condensed, and lessons are learned rapidly. The complex neurological response of the hippocampus to simulation ensures that learning is deeply embedded into memory.
Building strategic thinking helps you anticipate your next move and stay ahead of the competition.
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