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Our Sustainability Simulation

People, Planet, Profit

Our sustainability simulation helps your team move towards responsible business practices by exploring successful methods to balance profit and sustainability.
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Laptop showing CELEMI Sustainability™ business simulation
Online simulation hosted on CELEMI Learning Space™
Step into a simulation of the greatest challenge in business today with CELEMI Sustainability™. 

CELEMI Sustainability™ addresses the pressing challenge of aligning a company’s operations with the diverse and evolving expectations of stakeholders. From community engagement to supply chain responsibility, our sustainability simulation guides participants in navigating the complexities of sustainable business practices, fostering a holistic approach that extends beyond corporate boundaries. 
Angled laptop showing CELEMI Sustainability™ business simulation

Business challenges addressed

Balancing Short-term Profit with Long-term Value

Finding the right balance and synergy to ensure a profitable and meaningful future for the company

Achieving both Sustainability and Profitability

Progress is measured against key performance indicators (KPIs) in the three areas of people, planet, and profit

Business Transformation

Learn the success factors for a prosperous transformation and build the knowledge it takes to move forward in real life

Managing Expectations in a Rapidly Evolving Market

Prioritize initiatives, manage expectations, execute hard decisions and experience consequences as they unfold

Assessment and Strategy Planning

Understand how to speak about  sustainability and how to turn those words into action

Interconnectedness of Impact

Learn how decisions in one area have impacts and consequences in another 

Implementation options

Strenghten Sustainability Efforts

Establish your sustainability KPIs and impact your supplier’s ESG measurments

Competence Advancing

Ensure everyone in the company understands what sustainability is and how they can impact it
Evaluation and Strategic Development
Understand challenges around sustainability in your company and turn them into opportunities

Digital version

 Can be delivered face-to-face or virtually

Group size

 Teams of 3 or 5, with unlimited teams

Language support

Available in over 10 languages
“Celemi Sustainability does an excellent job of simplifying complex topics, connecting to realistic business activities and demonstrating the interconnectedness of ESG strategies.”
Dora Lutz

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