Our People

Working at Celemi means having a passion for innovation. We are constantly striving to develop and deliver innovative, creative, and comprehensive learning solutions. Keeping true to our Swedish heritage, we value diversity and equality, and believe that people thrive when they have the space to explore their own interests.
Celemi is made up of talent from all around the world, working with everything from sales to product development to visual design. We work out of offices in Malmö (HQ), Chicago and Shanghai.


Master Facilitator & Global Account Manager
“I love how much I learn everyday when I come to work. Since starting at Celemi I’ve learned almost everything I need to know about business finance from our simulations!”


“Passion fuels my work at Celemi in programming and development. As a coding enthusiast, I love solving challenges by turning ideas into real solutions. The fantastic work culture at Celemi is a constant recharge, fueling my energy regularly.”


“I have always felt that we work too many hours over the course of a lifetime to not have fun doing it. Celemi has been interesting, innovative, and always looks to use my knowledge to help make things better. To me that is FUN!”


Visual Designer
“Storytelling, game creation and product design – all wrapped into one... it’s the most stimulating job I’ve ever had. Plus, you get to work with a diverse crowd of really smart and nice people from all around the world.”


Concept Developer
“I am in love with the way Celemi delivers knowledge! You not only get to learn a new topic but also do it in a safe, fun setting. I don’t think you can ever perceive learning the same old way after Celemi simulations.”


Global Marketing Specialist
“At Celemi, I’ve found the perfect blend of creativity and collaboration. As someone who is obsessed with reading and writing, I love that I get to work with words every day, crafting impactful messages that resonate globally.”

Want to become a Celemist?

We’re always looking for new talents to add to our global team of learning experts.
Visit our careers page to see our current available opportunities.
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