Aligning on the Set-Up for Project Success


A company running the majority  of their business through large projects faced the challenges of unpredictable project profitability and project processes diverging over time.

The overall ways of working were well described in strategy documentation, but it was still a challenge to make them permeate into the teams’ actual everyday work in projects.

The request was for a solution that co-workers on all levels could go through to learn about the ingredients and principles of projects success in real life.


Celemi and the customer collaborated on a half-day simulation mirroring a standard project, encompassing process steps, challenges, and outcomes related to stakeholders, timeline, and budget. This endeavor resulted in the development of a platform essential for aligning on project principles crucial for success.

Moving through the phases of a project  and seeing the effect of doing the “right things at the right time” in a competitive setting gave participants a hands-on understanding of the rationale behind the preferred project behaviors.


The solution was a success, and was soon implemented into onboarding for all co-workers. It has, over the years, been updated to align with new practices. It was implemented as part of a larger strategic framework to improve overall project profitability, which was achieved within a year.

As a solution universally experienced by all coworkers, it has facilitated semantic alignment (ensuring consistent terminology) and cultural alignment (ensuring everyone is equipped to run projects successfully according to company standards).

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