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Our project management simulation gives your team full project experience, from pre-study to implementation, in a single day.
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Board of project management business simulation CELEMI Cayenne™
In-person, hands-on simulation
There’s more to project success than meeting deadlines and keeping budgets. It’s high-pressure teamwork for high-quality results that satisfy all vital stakeholders.

CELEMI Cayenne™ excels in cultivating high-performing project teams. Participants learn to establish proactive behaviors, significantly boosting involvement, commitment, and the collaborative spirit essential for project success. At the heart of this project manager simulator is the development of skills needed to make complex decisions and prioritize effectively, directing resources where they are most needed. Participants learn to manage project content and deliverables, ensuring timely and budget-conscious execution while delivering satisfactory business value.
Close-up of moving tokens on physical board of CELEMI Cayenne™ business simulation

Business challenges addressed

Stakeholder Management

Learn to adeptly manage diverse stakeholder groups – the Steering Committee, the Project Team, and End Users

Balancing the project triangle

Balance deliverables, timeline and cost to achieve ovreall business value

Achieve Project Success

Prep your participants for real life projects, allowing them to practice in a safe environment

Implementation options

Project leaders

Facilitators can dial the rigor up and down depending on the audience

Team leads

Balancing stakeholder needs while obtaining business value on time and within budget
Human Resource professionals
Overcome obstacles in a simulated transformation

Board-based simulation game

In-person, hands-on simulation

Group size

Teams of 4, with unlimited teams

Language support

Available in over 17 languages
“This was great! I particularly liked the discussions after completing each phase, since it allowed us to connect the game’s problems with the reality of our particular company.”
Regional Manager
Car manufacturing firm, USA

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