Raising Awareness Around Commercial Implications of Project Decisions


Our client’s project managers lacked a comprehensive 360-degree view of their projects. They operated in isolated silos without clear guidance on whom to engage with from other parts of the organization. Additionally, a lack of understanding of best practices and their application often led to write-offs and a decline in overall profitability.


With the client, we designed a tailored half-day simulation, providing hands-on experiences based on typical real-life challenges. The simulation allowed participants to experiment with various actions and receive real-time feedback tailored to their decisions. This enabled them to understand how their choices would affect key performance indicators in a commercial context.


The simulation allowed participants to discuss and gain insights into finances and client dynamics, empowering them to make informed decisions for positive results. They were equipped to implement more effective practices in their daily operations, which would lead to improvements in efficiency throughout the organization, as well as increased profitability and greater client satisfaction.

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