CELEMI Agile Move™

Our Agile Simulation

Create an Agile Mindset

Our agile simulation is a path to success if you want to be more responsive to market changes, improve collaboration, and enhance overall efficiency.
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Laptop with CELEMI Agile Move™ business simulation
Online simulation hosted on CELEMI Learning Space™

The Agile Way

To drive success in an unpredictable world, you can benefit from applying agile ways of working with our agile simulation.

At the core:

Working closely with the customer in short iterations.
Delivering something of value at each iteration.
Leading teams to timely success.
Allowing remote leadership to flourish.
Angled laptop with CELEMI Agile Move™ business simulation

Business challenges addressed


Reassess and adjust quickly


Open communication across functions to enhance information flow

Customer Focus

Continuously feeding the organization with relevant customer needs

Continuous Improvement

Fostering a culture of learning and discovery


Learning from experience and embracing the right kind of failure

Value Creation

Prioritizing what brings value to the organization and customers

Implementation options

First-Line Leaders

Learn from the simulation and each other across departments

Product Management and Development

Innovate with customer focus, team satisfaction, and speed
Create a culture of agility within your organizatoin

Digital version

 Can be delivered face-to-face or virtually

Group size

 Teams of 3 or 4, with unlimited teams

Language support

Available in over 14 languages
“The Celemi Agile Move simulation was one of the best and most engaging virtual trainings I’ve ever seen and participated in.”
Maja Witos
Leadership and culture expert, Deutsche Telekom

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