From KPIs to Action: Celemi’s Role in Bringing Sustainability to Life for Directors


A global leader in contingent staffing offers a tiered approach to leadership development. Planning for their director leader learning journey, they reached out to Celemi to identify an experience that would broaden the understanding of the key performance indicators that had been introduced to support the firm’s focus on planet, people, and prosperity.


Celemi tailored its CELEMI Sustainability™ simulation to integrate the client’s specific messaging over two simulated years. This gamified experience focused on transforming organizations to prioritize planet, people, and profit. Initially, due to travel restrictions, the simulation was facilitated virtually across multiple time zones. The following year, with travel budgets approved, the same simulation was expanded to cover three years and delivered face-to-face, enhancing the interactive experience.


Participants agreed that the session provided an excellent forum for discussing sustainability, a critical global challenge affecting not only the firm but also future generations. The simulation highlighted the crucial role of collaboration in decision-making processes, particularly in supporting organizational transformation. It effectively demonstrated how sustainability initiatives intersect with business processes and risk management, offering a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities in this space.

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