Serving Up Skills: How CELEMI Tango™ Prepared a Global Restaurant Chain for Ambitious Expansion


A global fast casual dining group created a learning journey for its team directors that included a mix of virtual and face-to-face engagements. To support their store expansion plans, the design team sought an experiential activity that would demonstrate key concepts, illustrate their business impact, and develop talent accordingly.


Tango emerged as the ideal solution to address the design team’s needs for talent development and business growth. This immersive program is offered as a capstone experience over one and a half days. During the simulation, teams develop and execute a six-year growth strategy aimed at increasing market value. Each business cycle challenges teams to compete for customers and talent, emphasizing operational excellence and retention strategies tailored to individual needs. As participants complete profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and assessments of intangible assets contributing to market value, they cultivate essential business acumen. This hands-on approach effectively demonstrates key concepts and their business impact, directly supporting the company’s store expansion plans.


The Tango experience offers valuable insights that participants readily apply to their work environment. They gain a heightened awareness of how their daily decisions impact the business. The team dynamics throughout the simulation provide lessons in collaborative decision-making. While the team with the highest market value is ultimately declared the winner, the learning process extends beyond this outcome. Teams that struggle in the early stages often discover the most profound lessons, learning to pivot by focusing on their strengths and identifying opportunities to turn their simulated business around. This resilience and adaptability mirror real-world business challenges, making the simulation particularly relevant and impactful.

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