CELEMI Decision Base™

Our Decision Making Simulation

A Micro MBA on Strategic Leadership

Our decision making simulation helps your team build cross-functional alignment and develop a “big picture” understanding.
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Board of CELEMI Decision Base™ business simulation
In-person, hands-on simulation
Organizational silos and lack of business acumen can cripple progress. Your leaders should be challenged to make strategic decisions that are supported by relevant KPI. Celemi’s most rigorous simulation, Decision Base helps leaders develop critical thought and practice decision making. The realistic outcomes in this decision making simulation help professionals anticipate impact back on the job. Better decisions mean better outcomes!

In this mini-MBA course, participants step into the shoes of a management team, aiming to strategically allocate investments, seize opportunities, and ensure optimal returns in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Financial statements and ratios empower teams to make informed decisions that boost productivity and profitability, while collaboration and teamwork foster a deeper understanding of the complexities of organizational relationships.
People playing CELEMI Decision Base™ business simulation

Business challenges addressed

Strategic planning

Make strategic decisions supported by relevant key performance indicators (KPI)

Decision making

Create strong business acumen – a critical need in business today

Operational execution

Critical thinking with regard to operational efficency

Implementation options

Director level and above

Facilitators can dial rigor up or down depending on the audience


Exercise strategic decision-making and critical thought
High potential professionals
Excellent succession planning training

Board-based version

In-person, hands-on simulation

Group size

Teams of 4, with unlimited teams

Language support

Available in over 10 languages
“I hope everyone takes this. It’s good material for developing increased understanding of financial terms and interactions in the business environment.”
Hewlett Packard

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