Helping Ensure Children’s Safety with a Digital Learning Solution


Keeping our children safe is a top priority for any community. When a leading furniture retailer approached us to help them develop a learning solution for safer product usage, we recognized the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Despite ongoing staff education efforts, the company faced challenges with some products being used hazardously, especially around children.


To reach a wide audience, we devised a digital learning solution accessible to all staff members. This comprehensive program aimed to raise awareness, equip employees with safety sales arguments, and provide customer support by demonstrating best practices and precautions. Through immersive simulations, participants navigated virtual home environments, learning firsthand how to use products safely and responsibly.


The rollout was supported by employee engagement, with certified graduates becoming great sponsors for the training. Within a few months, almost all coworkers had gone through the training program, and child safety became a top sales argument. Following its success internally, the company extended the learning solution externally to customers across various markets.

Even if we had only prevented one child from getting injured, we consider it a significant achievement, and are proud to have contributed to improvements in product safety practices.

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