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Celemi started with an idea: that in order to make learning stick, people need to create their own knowledge. Since 1985, we have been the leader in gamified learning and development, using our Power of Learning methodology to drive change and transformation in organizations.
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The Celemi vision

To create sustainable value for People, Planet, and Profit through engaging learning methods and ways of working.
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Celemi around the world

Celemi operates all over the world with offices on three continents. One of Celemi’s unique advantages is our global network of certified Celemi specialists. With 140 partners operating in 70+ countries, we can ensure a seamless global rollout, tailored to your local language and specific needs.

Our partner network includes some of the world’s most prestigious business schools and leading management consultants as well as specialized training companies.

Our heritage

Since the launch of CELEMI Decision Base™ in 1978, we have been pioneers in our field, pushing the boundaries of corporate learning solutions, leading in the field of gamification, and creating dialogue programs to help organizations engage people.
Portrait of Klas MellanderPortrait of Krister NathanaelsonPortrait of Margareta Barchan
The founders: Klas Mellander, Krister Nathanaelson and Margareta Barchan. Celemi was born in 1985, on August 14, at a café outside of Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam.

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