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Our Business Strategy Simulation

Win Clients with Strategy Execution and Brand Strength

Elevate your company to the top with CELEMI Enterprise™, a competitive business strategy simulation that sharpens strategic thinking and fosters growth.
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Board of CELEMI Enterprise™ business simulation
Board-based version
In-person, hands-on simulation
Digital version
Coming 2024
The driving force behind CELEMI Enterprise™ is the quest to build and sustain shareholder value by effectively acquiring and retaining clients. Teams find themselves in a competitive arena, vying with other teams for the same clients in the same markets. The key to success lies not only in offering the right product or service mix but also in cultivating an organization with skilled individuals and efficient processes.

Our business strategy simulation provides a platform for professionals to immerse themselves in the complexities of business decision-making, experiencing realistic outcomes based on their choices. It’s a serious fun avenue for honing skills and mastering the art of running an enterprise successfully.
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Business challenges addressed


Standing out in a changing market

Business strategy

How do you set a strategy – and be agile when competition moves?

Data Analysis

Meet changing client needs

Implementation options

Director-level and above development

Facilitators can dial the rigor up and down depending on the audience

Leadership Development

All leaders need to understand the complexies of capturing the hearts of the market
High potentials
Challenge your best people to analyze and make big decisions.

Digital version

 Can be delivered face-to-face or virtually
Coming 2024

Board-based version

In-person, hands-on simulation

Group size

Teams of 4, with unlimited teams

Language support

Available in over 10 languages
“Everyone gets something different out of Celemi Enterprise. If you work with purchasing, you learn about brand image, and if you’re in marketing you learn about finance and strategy.”
Simon Eade
Senior Leadership Development Specialist, Volvo Car Group

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