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Struggling with inventory and lead time headaches? Break free from old routines with our supply chain simulation.
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Board of supply chain business simulation CELEMI Partnerstock™
In-person, hands-on simulation
Trying to unravel why a company is not profitable often leads to issues with its supply chain and inventory. CELEMI PartnerStock™ helps your team understand the complexities of these issues, so they can be tackled head-on.

In CELEMI PartnerStock™, a series of challenges are presented to teams regarding issues related to common supply chain concepts. As teams prioritize how to solve the issues, limited resources are allocated, leading to discussions on best case solutions. Choices are tracked against impact on customer satisfaction, inventory levels and gross profit.

Team-based discussions, competitive dynamics, and comprehensive debriefings in a collective setting foster a highly immersive, engaging, and enjoyable learning environment. Participants not only learn from each other but also gain valuable insights relevant to their real-world challenges, strengthened by research and scientific models.
Close-up of CELEMI Partnerstock™ business simulation

Business challenges addressed


Alignment across finance, operations and sales

Addressing dips in profit

Identify gaps in the supply chain that are dragging down operating profit

Supply chain development

Gain commitment for investment in supply chain software by seeing the benefits

Implementation options

Individual contributors

Individual contributors with roles that impact inventory levels and working capital


Managers who provide feedback to individual contributors’ performance
Lead leaders
Lean leaders will be better equipped to include individuals in lean initiatives as they are able to communicate the benefits

Board-based game

In-person, hands-on simulation

Group size

Teams of 4, with unlimited teams

Language support

Available in multiple languages
“The simulation reflected our reality very well. It helped us experiment with different ‘what if’ scenarios in a safe environment and in a fun and engaging way.”
Jan Fuhr Miller
CFO, Polypeptide

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