Project Description

Skanska: Creating future leaders through practice and reflection with Celemi Decision Base™

Skanska is one of the five largest construction companies in the world, based out of Sweden. With over 38,000 employees worldwide and 132 years of business, Skanska has a long history of providing innovative and sustainable constructions to build for a better society.

For the past 10 years, Skanska has been integrating Celemi Decision Base™ into their leadership development programme, using the business simulation to discuss strategy and their operational environment. By making time in the simulation for reflection exercises, Skanska is able to put a leadership emphasis on their seminars.

Leadership is something that you need to practice, as it’s a skill. You can’t learn leadership by reading, but instead need to practice and reflect over your actions.

-Håkan Björding, Competence Developer at Skanska

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