Project Description

Skanska: Creating Engagement to Enable Change

Christel Åkerman, Senior Vice President, Risk Management at Skanska AB, wanted to create a simulation, representing Skanska’s reality. The purpose was to create engagement and stimulate discussion around risks and opportunities. With bid managers and project managers as the main target group, the tool would serve as a support to those divisions considering risks and capturing opportunities.

The risk simulation would be a catalyst in Åkerman’s strive to strengthen the risk & opportunity culture across all levels and drive risk awareness deeper into the organization. The objective aim with the game was to make sure managers learn from each other.

Skanska developed the Risk & Opportunity Game, a one day simulation program, in close collaboration with Celemi:

 “What I find useful with Celemi’s method, and this simulation game in particular, are the discussions and dialogue that arise during the exercises and the game.”

– Christel Åkerman , Senior Vice President, Skanska AB

It is not uncommon that Risk Specialists in the construction industry are skeptical to modern learning methods:

“In my profession, a certain skepticism is common – and quite natural. Among my peers, people are hesitant”: “Could it really be worth spending time on playing a game to learn?” Christel Åkerman says. “Personally, I believe so. Playing a game and simulating reality is a good way of inspiring dialogue. And I prefer dialogue rather than one-way communication.”

– Christel Åkerman, Senior Vice President, Risk Management, Skanska AB

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