Project Description

How Sandvik Coromant Uses Learning to Succeed 

Almost ten years ago, Sandvik Coromant did their first simulation with Celemi. That was the beginning of a long partnership which has resulted in countless simulations over the years. Now, Celemi is an integrated part of Sandvik Coromant’s developing programs. But why are learning and skills development so important to them?

Skills development is a key element in Sandvik Coromant’s growth, and a prerequisite for success in keeping up with tough market competition. This can be seen on their website, where they proudly present their views on learning and development, as well as in the development program that exists within the company. This program is free to apply for but hard to get into. It runs for 2 years and consists of 7 major sessions involving training and team building. The participants come from Sandvik Coromant’s offices all around the world and work mainly in sales and marketing.

The ultimate goal of the development program is to increase knowledge and business acumen within the staff, which in turn leads to better service for the customers. With better service, sales increase.

The collaboration with Celemi

The collaboration with Celemi began when Nils Hedar, responsible for business training and development at Sandvik Coromant, received a tip. He contacted Celemi and quickly noticed that both companies had similar views on learning and development. After running some successful pilots, Sandvik Coromant decided to try out one of Celemi´s bestsellers, Celemi Apples & Oranges™. This was the first step towards a long collaboration that has now gone on for over 10 years.

“Through Celemi, our employees learn in a fun way. Being able to test their knowledge in practice is so valuable. Not only does the knowledge last, they get a real understanding of how their decisions affect the business. The participants do not see it as a boring class, but as a fun activity. It is a win-win situation for us.” – Nils Hedar, Sales & Business Consulting & Training Manager.

The latest group in the development program has run several of Celemi’s simulations; Celemi Apples & Oranges™, Celemi Decision Base™, Celemi Agile Move™ and Celemi Enterprise™. Many of the participants have similar thoughts on why this method of learning really works.

“One of the biggest takeaways from this session is the way of learning, I really think simulations like this make knowledge stick”. – Malin Broström – Marketing Manager South and East Asia

“You quickly go to the right point and therefore understand faster than being in your typical meeting”. – Clement Vicq , Sales Cluster manager Middle East and North Africa Sandvik Coromant

Physical encounters help group dynamics

Celemi Enterprise™ with Sandvik Coromant

Celemi Enterprise™ with Sandvik Coromant

For Sandvik Coromant, physical, in-person meetings are important. Because of this, they have mainly chosen Celemi’s physical simulations. In person, the

participants integrate in a different way, since they can read each other’s body language. This benefits team building and communication, as well as learning.

In the latest simulations, participants from Sandvik Coromant experienced a combination of both a digital and a board-based simulation. They started off refreshing their financial understanding with the virtual version of Celemi Apples & Oranges™ for half a day, while sitting together in the physical room. Later, they got to exercise business thinking through Celemi Enterprise™. This group of senior sales and marketing people got to increase their business acumen skills by strategizing on which customer segment/s to go for, and choosing the right investments in product portfolio, people, processes and marketing.

“Celemi Enterprise is actually really complex. You bring in so many different elements on what could happen. What I really take with me from this is the understanding of profit and loss, and how a small decision can influence many years to come”. – Petra Wejshag, Manager KAM sales development – Strategic relations at Sandvik Coromant

“It is truly amazing to hear the participants discussing as they are trying to align on what they should do in different business situations so that they all pull in the right direction. And how they realize how small actions can have a huge impact on the bottom line. – Martin Landgren, Celemi Facilitator

Positive results of practical learning

So, what are the results of Sandvik Coromant’s sessions with Celemi? Many of those who have participated in the training program have advanced and been given higher roles within the company. But most important, Nils Hedar says, is the feedback he receives from his employees after they have participated in one of Celemi’s simulations.

“Everyone is so impressed with this way of learning. Seeing the employees happy and excited about learning is an incredible reward” – Nils Hedar, Sales & Business Consulting & Training Manager.


As a part of the Sandvik Group, Sandvik Coromant is a world leading company in machining solutions and a supplier of tools to the metalworking industry. Over the years, they have contributed to the industry with new products, solutions and methods that have improved processes and mindsets. Educational support, extensive R&D investments, and strong customer relationships ensure the development of processing technology that changes, leads, and drives the production of the future.