Project Description

Making Commercial Acumen a Part of the Strategy

Celemi Solution Partner KMSI, provider of business, financial, and sales acumen, Australia, helped a large Government Owned Corporation (GOC) – a Water Utility – to overcome a number of tough challenges. Those concerned dealt with resistance in the organization and trying to engage staff in a difficult topic such as finance. To start capturing good ideas and concepts from the workforce, management decided to develop a set of processes.

A learning program was put in place. Management decided to extend the program delivered, to also broaden capabilities of the leadership group. The initiators were also eager to understand the differences in motivation and drivers amongst employees.

Main Objective: Develop Leaders

The management team set out to grow leaders. The main aim was to strengthen their commercial acumen. Underpinning this was moving from a public service mentality to a more commercial mindset. Leaders and employees would become more business minded, more proactive as well as strategic through planning.

Hence, the initiators of the learning program set forth to create new behaviors, among them building greater trust among leaders; making them more connected and collaborative. Other behaviors to stimulate, were to make leaders more driven, motivated, and efficient.

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