Project Description

GAP: Develop Leaders Through Knowledge Sharing

GAP-logo-oldHow do you get thousands of store managers from around the world aligned around their expanding role in the company?

Gap Inc., a leading specialty clothing retailer, wanted to create dialogue amongst its 2,500 managers at their global team meeting. However, to do this simultaneously with thousands of people, in different languages, the solution would have to be as innovative as the company itself.

Gap turned to Celemi to create a customized one-day learning program called Leading The Way. The aim was to get their store managers talking, sharing and brainstorming ways to take action on the job that would support the new strategic initiatives. Together, Celemi and Gap got employees from different countries, cultures and languages to work jointly, so they could all generate their own ideas about how to make a positive impact on Gap’s future.

“In a different, and very interactive way, I got the “big picture”! I learned where GAP needs to be in the future, and what I – and my coworkers – need to do in order to get us there. Great learning points, great fun!”

—Store Manager, GAP

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