Project Description

Cyient: Removing the Barriers to Success

Cyient is a globally recognized leader in engineering services and solutions that has created a niche in different business verticals globally. Cyient is one of the top outsourcing companies worldwide. Cyient is committed to addressing complex business problems and helping companies operate efficiently to achieve better business outcomes. To continue growing, Cyient’s challenge and mandate was to identify high potential leadership talent able to support the management vision of a 4x growth trajectory and fit the right person into the right role at the right time.

Preparing for Future Challenges

With its ambitious plans for increasing revenue fourfold over the next decade, Cyient focused on acquiring people with the right talent and preparing them for a greater role to address future challenges. In this niche industry, getting the right person is always a luxury.

Cyient sought to create and develop business thinkers able to fit into the entrepreneurial culture envisioned by Cyient. The challenge was to create a success metric that would identify champions of change in its system.

Working Closely With each Identified Leader

Siksha conceived an integrated strategic program called Emerging Leaders Development Service in line with the management business objectives. Cyient sought to boost competence within leadership, business & strategic alignment, financial acumen, customer diversity & execution excellence.

Celemi Solution provider Siksha applied the learning objectives by identifying live business projects, selecting mentors, planning reviews and monitoring projects periodically. Team Siksha travelled the learning path with the identified leaders on the journey from idea to product/service. Identified leaders each received an individual dossier highlighting their transition and transformation into an Emerging Leader.

Targeting High Potentials

The CXOs were the business sponsors and were led internally by the Chief Human Resource and Learning & Development team along with the Siksha team. The target group comprised 50 managers and senior managers perceived as high potential leaders and nominated by their respective Cyient businesses worldwide.
The program is run once a year to replenish the potential leadership tank at Cyient.

Celemi Apples & Oranges™: A Mandatory Learning Program

The Celemi Apples & Oranges™ Service program contributes immensely to the learning path for this focus group by helping participants see their roles in the big picture. It helps them map the relevance of customer diversity and understand the need to plan resources aligned to business strategies. What’s more, financial acumen was – and thus remains – a quick takeaway that helps participants drive profits in their respective roles.

Ciyent has been using Celemi Apples & Oranges™ since 2012. The simulation forms part of the mandatory learning program for emerging leaders.

The integrated approach adopted by Celemi Solution Partner Siksha is now mandatory and forms a key part of all leadership development programs at Cyient. The champions of change identified are now initiating key innovations in the organization.

Revised career paths were designed based on the periodic assessment conducted by Siksha in collaboration with Cyient. To conclude, both Cyient and Siksha witnessed the emergence of a motivated leadership team aligned to the big picture.


• Ciyent is a globally recognized leader in engineering services and solutions
• 30,000 team members across 5 continents. An industry presence spanning more than 25 years
• One of the top outsourcing companies worldwide
• Committed to addressing complex business problems and helping companies function efficiently to achieve better business outcomes
• 50 patents
• Clients with advanced technology solutions
• Partners with MIT Media Lab, University of Pennsylvania, as well as local start-up ecosystems and universities such as IIT Hyderabad to empower their community and clients with advanced technology solutions

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