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A business simulation is a powerful tool for organizational learning and development. It provides an effective platform upon which you can align your people on strategy, improve their business acumen and business finance skills, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Business simulations vary in length, size, and topics covered – with simulations covering everything from business finance, to change management, to supply chain management.

In short, business simulations are gamified learning for the workplace.

What can you learn in a business simulation?

  • Leadership Development. Good leadership is learned through experiencing, gaining feedback on, and working to improve performance in real-life situations.
  • Business Acumen. Having a strong business sense and being able to react quickly and prudently to different business scenarios is crucial to workplace success, though developing this business savvy can be difficult. Gamified learning is the perfect way to make complicated financial information easier to digest.
  • Organizational alignment. Working together to solve problems, share perspectives, and understand one another’s daily tasks helps break down silo thinking in the workplace. By getting different departments to align with one another, you can create a more smoothly-running organization.
  • Project management. Getting your project managers and team members on board, and helping them understand the importance of their roles and actions, is crucial to project success. Practice your projects in a safe, risk-free environment, and ensure success in the workplace.
What is a business simulation?

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