CELEMI Performance™

Exercise strategic thinking

Think Through Market Changes Strategically

Navigating through uncertainty requires a dynamic approach. Urge your employees to think critically and act decisively with CELEMI Performance™.
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Board of CELEMI Performance™ business simulation
In-person, hands-on simulation
Help your employees think constructively and act decisively when times are tough. Encourage them to see opportunities to perform. Develop a shared understanding of what challenges your organization – so you can unite around the way forward.

In CELEMI Performance,™ participants are forced to act quickly in a fast-changing environment. They begin by focusing on the basics and gaining a deep understanding of business and market dynamics. Based on analysis, teams then strategize to establish a competitive advantage. Lastly, they will need to put it all together to attract the right customers and propel business growth, ultimately aiming to emerge victorious as the winning team.
Top view of people physically playing CELEMI Performance™ business simulation

Business challenges addressed

Analyzing the market and competition

Get a strategic view of external forces

Attracting the right customers

Use data to analyze customer needs

Fast-changing market conditions

Stay ahead of the competition by anticipating market changes

Implementation options

Director level and above

Kick off your year with this strategic planning tool

Leaders at all levels

Facilitators can dial the rigor up or down depending on the audience
Marketing and sales professionals
Challenge your people to analyze and make big decisions

Board-based game

 In-person, hands-on simulation

Group size

Teams of 4, with unlimited teams

Language support

Available in over 14 languages
“The participants on my team greatly improved their knowledge around the main issues that influence a business. We used the Performance program as a platform to discuss our company’s new strategy.”
Business unit manager
Software manufacturing company

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