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Our change management simulation empowers your teams to seize opportunities for growth and navigate uncertainty with confidence.
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Board of CELEMI Exploring Change™ business simulation
In-person, hands-on simulation
Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to change management? CELEMI Exploring Change™ equips teams with a powerful tool to harmonize their efforts in guiding their workforce towards new paradigms of work and effective communication. Its adaptable framework enables customization for organization-specific topics, fostering targeted learning experiences.

Leverage CELEMI Exploring Change™ to address pivotal change management themes: resistance, emotions, communication, implementation, middle management buy-in, and reward alignment. This interactive change management simulation enables participants to see the challenges of change from different angles and arrive at their own unique insights. This new knowledge can be readily applied to ongoing change initiatives or leveraged to lead change initiatives more effectively in the future.

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world, adapting to change is not just beneficial – it’s essential for ensuring business success and long-term survival.
Close-up of people physically playing CELEMI Exploring Change™ business simulation

Business challenges addressed

Overcoming organizational resistance to change

See the big picture of transformation obstacles

Improving change communication

Get to the heart of transformation

Securing middle management buy-in

Get behind strategic change by understanding why

Implementation options

Leaders of people

Support your team as your organization undergoes change

Team leaders

All leaders need to understand the change process
High potential professionals
Challenge your best people to lead through change

Board-based simulation

In-person, hands-on simulation

Group size

Teams of 4, with unlimited teams

Language support

Available in over 6 languages
“We held the workshop... as we were planning the reorganization of our European distribution chain. The session helped us consider the full context of the change, and put the spotlight on what we need to get right to bring people on board.”
Kerstin Lindell
President and CEO, Bona AB

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