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Our sales management simulation helps speed up and increase sales by building your sales team’s effectiveness.
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Board of CELEMI Sales Endeavour™ business simulation
In-person, hands-on simulation
Our sales management simulation helps your team increase sales, improve close rates, reduce cycle times, and gives management valuable insights into the organization’s sales pipeline.

CELEMI Sales Endeavour™ saves sales professionals valuable time and resources by helping them think through strategic considerations, such as buyers and competition, so they choose only the most productive and profitable opportunities to pursue.

This simulation builds competitive selling skills – including qualifying, competitive positioning, political acumen and customer business value articulation to win more deals faster.
Top view of a group of people playing CELEMI Sales Endeavour™ business simulation

Business challenges addressed

Driving sales 

Make your sales teams more effective in planning and winning sales opportunities

Increasing hit rate

Win more deals faster

Competitive Differentiation

Make how you sell a source of competitive differentiaiton

Value Articulation

Use business acumen to communicate with customers

Competitive Knowledge

Align your strategy with your organization's strengths

Implementation options

Business development professionals

Simulate a large opportunity and execute what you learned back on the job

Sales leaders

Support your team in oppurtunity management
Account Managers
Challenge your best people to analyze and get to "yes"

Board-based simulation game

In-person, hands-on simulation

Group size

Teams of 4, with unlimited teams

Language support

Available in over 3 languages
“Celemi Sales Endeavour rejuvenated our discussions on how the sales function can be approached, and helped improve sales efforts in the upcoming quarters.”
Victoria Michaelidou
HR Manager, Easy-Forex

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