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Through Play & Serious Fun

Let your employees practice real-world situations without risking your real-life business. Our business simulations use self-contained learning experiences to recreate workplace or operational environments.

With our ready-made business simulations, your people test new skills and knowledge—and make mistakes—in a fun, safe environment. Each simulation can be used as-is for immediate roll-out or adapted to suit your unique needs with a custom solution.

Read more about each game’s setup and key concepts below.

Business Acumen. Strategy. Talent Management. Leadership.

Business Finance for Everyone

Everyone’s a winner!
A playful approach to
serious business results.

Pulling in the same direction

Build cross-functional cooperation.
Get big picture understanding.
Practice strategic decision-making.

Success through people

Enhance skills in attracting,
developing and retaining the
right talent and clients.

Strategy. Project Success.

Secure project success

Prepare your people to anticipate
and navigate the heat of
project opportunities and pitfalls.

Stay Ahead in a Changing World

Exercise business thinking
for winning results.
Align your people behind your strategy.

Exercise your business mind

Help your employees think
constructively and act decisively
when times are rough.  

Sales. Innovation. Change. 

Winning sales navigation

Save your sales peoples valuable
time by helping them think
through strategic considerations.

Creating conditions for
breakthrough innovation

Inspire innovation and foster 
creativity in your organization.

Addressing The Human
Side Of Change

Get a clear understanding of the
factors involved in change.

Marketing. Supply Chain.

Differentiate or die

Help your employees attract
and retain targeted clients in
extremely competitive markets.

The power of the customer

Inspire people and help
them realize your company’s
marketing strategy.

Unlock your Supply Chain potential

Overcome challenges
in supply chain

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