CELEMI Learning Space™

Our Award-Winning Platform for Virtual, Instructor-Led Business Simulations

CELEMI Learning Space™ brings participants from all around the world into a common virtual business simulation experience, enabling extremely fast deployments in a sustainable and cost-effective way.
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Experience the power of synchronous virtual business simulations with CELEMI Learning Space™ (CLS), where real-time interaction between participants and facilitators drives engagement.

CLS offers a variety of Celemi’s off-the-shelf simulations, as well as custom solutions. The platform also provides a database of certified facilitators worldwide, making it easy to find the right fit for a session. The experience includes work in plenum, breakout rooms and individual tasks. Facilitators have access to backend support, allowing them to track team and participant progress.

CLS boasts a robust administration system, enabling comprehensive management of virtual business simulation sessions. From generating reports to analyzing statistics, CLS empowers organizations to measure the impact and value of their learning initiatives effectively. This versatility also extends to hybrid and physical classroom settings, ensuring continuity across diverse learning environments.

Key values

Bringing you the most engaging and Serious Fun synchronous online learning platform.
Providing Facilitators with a unique capability to plan and run training sessions. Facilitators can keep track of team and individual progress in real time, even in breakout rooms, without having to enter the breakout room themselves.
Built for multilingual experiences – teams and individuals can view the same content in different languages at the same time.
Standard multilingual solutions available immediately, with options for adapting standard solutions or creating a fully custom solution that leverages our infrastructure.

Online or In-Person

Facilitator giving instructions online for digital Celemi business simulation
Online sessions bring participants together for a Serious Fun synchronous experience – regardless of location or language.
People playing CELEMI Sustainability™ business simulation in a room
CELEMI Learning Space™ can also be used to facilitate in-person or hybrid sessions.

Three roles – three views

Celemi Learning Space™ dashboard with participant view on a laptop

The Participants

Dive into a social and collaborative experience, merging engaging team and individual work with serious fun!
Celemi Learning Space™ dashboard with facilitator view on a laptop

The Facilitator

The dashboard provides complete control, allowing facilitators to manage simulations, track groups and individuals, and know when help is needed.
Celemi Learning Space™ dashboard with admin view on a laptop

The Administrator

Administrators can set up sessions, search for and assign facilitators, and add custom content.

Cloud based

Completely cloud based and GDPR compliant, servers located in the EU


Single Sign On integration available

Browser interface

Operates in all major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox)

Available 24-7

Systems run 24-7 and available in full self-service.

Platform Versatility

Works with any virtual classroom platform (Zoom, Teams, etc.)


Online support available 24-7, live support available 20-5

Virtual Business Simulations on CELEMI Learning Space™

Custom Business Simulations on CELEMI Learning Space™

Our custom business simulations are developed to match your unique business needs. We work with you to create a fully custom solution that leverages our digital infrastructure.
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