CELEMI Learning Space™

Pre tech-check

Our simulations on the CELEMI Learning Space™ are web applications. To minimize tech issues, we recommend that following is checked by the organization that will run any of our simulations:

• Firewall
• Browser
• Invitation e-mail (if invitation by e-mail)
• Internet Connection

Client firewall whitelisting

It’s recommended that you whitelist the CELEMI Learning Space™.

A whitelisting of CELEMI Learning Space™ will provide access to specified addresses, when your security policy would otherwise prevent that access.

Below address should be included by your IT in their firewall whitelist:

https://… .celemilearningspace.com/

Please notice that above whitelisting is strongly recommended, as the firewall check (below) might work one day, but could potentially not work on another day because of firewall policy changes.

Firewall check

Below firewall check should be done by one of the persons (preferably) that will join the upcoming seminar*.

If you see the image below, then you’re fine and all set to go.
CLS Firewall Check
If you do not get to the screen, please contact your IT department to make sure they whitelist your firewalls for the domain:
https://… .celemilearningspace.com/

* If the upcoming class consist of people cross the organization (different divisions, regions, sub-companies etc.), then it could be worth doing this check with multiple employees – in case there’s different firewall policies across your company

Browser check

We recommend using Chrome or Edge. Safari and/or Firefox is also fine.

Any versions after the below should work perfectly with the application:

Chrome: 80 and above
Edge: 87 and above
Firefox: 78 and above
Safari: 14 and above

VPN check

There is no specific reason for VPNs to block the CELEMI Learning Space™

In case you know that VPN could be used by any participants, please go to:


while on VPN. If it did not work then turn the VPN off and try again.

In case the VPN causes an issue and turning it off is not an option, then please send Celemi more details on the VPN software being used.

Invitation e-mail check

This check is only relevant if you intend to invite participants by the built-in e-mail invitation function in CELEMI Learning Space™.

Your internal IT-rules for incoming mails, might send invitation mails from the CELEMI Learning Space™ applications to the individual junk box.

Please contact Celemi and we will send a test invitation in advance, and you will be able to check where it lands. In case it ends up in the junk mail, please contact IT to see if they could change the rules. Or you could also make your participants aware of this before the invitation is sent out.

Internet Connection

A stable internet connection will make the experience smoother. 

We recommend the internet speed to be at least 5Mbps/5Mbps.

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