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Can small changes in an organization really have a great impact on the bottom line? Experiment with reality – without ruining your business!

The Celemi Profit Simulator is designed to let you explore business potentials and their effect on profit and cash flow. Explore the possible leverage of small changes in your organization and challenge your intuitive assumptions! For example:

  • If you reduce prices by 10%, how much would you need to increase sales, in order to break even?
  • If you increase your sales by 5%, what is the effect on the profit?
  • If you reduce your Cost of Goods sold by 3%, what is the effect on the profit margin?
  • Is it true that if we increase sales by 5% and prices by 5%, our profit margin almost doubles?


You may enter your company’s financial data, or use preset data for different industries; the Celemi Profit Simulator contains examples from Manufacturing, Professional Services and Retail.

The Profit Simulator is available – for free. Click here to open it in your browser