Project Description

AFA: A Flexible Dialogue Tool

How do you involve a million people in an active dialogue about their place of work, and challenge them to find solutions that will raise job satisfaction and improve operations? This was the task assigned to Celemi and AFA Försäkring by the parties of the Swedish labour market.

The goal was to ensure that the “FAS 05” agreement, signed in 2005, was successfully understood and implemented in all Swedish municipalities. Core issues in FAS are employee involvement in decision making, diversity, health and the work environment. In close cooperation, AFA Försäkring and Celemi developed a tailor made dialogue tool consisting of six flexible modules.

Each module can be run in 1-2 hours during a regular workplace meeting between a manager and the co-workers. The manager acts as facilitator, and the dialogue is integrated into the team’s ongoing personal and operational development process.

“Great pedagogical material that quickly engages people and creates true dialog! It has really helped us address a range of operational issues together, spark off new ideas, and improve the way we work.”

—Magnus Keller Head of Education Department Gävle County Council

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