CELEMI Cash Flow Connections™ – Virtual Classroom Solution

“During challenging times, unleash the creativity of all employees to contribute to the financial health of your company.”

Celemi Cash Flow Connections™ will:

  • Keep your employees connected and equipped to contribute to the cash flow of your company
  • Enable all employees to understand how they can have a positive impact on cash flow
  • Reduce your remote employees from feeling disconnected by empowering them to make a positive impact on the business
  • Reinforce that all employees, regardless of their role, are a vital ingredient to financial stability and growth

The program is a facilitated session, but attended remotely. The facilitation aspect of the session enables your employees to both learn and stay connected to colleagues and co-workers.

“I think the course help us to realize how decisions that may seem unrelated to finance, affects the financial outcome”

“Very useful and relevant for our company purposes. Relevance of utilization and improving invoice practices”

– Participants from client session

In Celemi Cash Flow Connections™ participants will:

  • De-mystify the concept of cash flow

  • Explore what are the levers that increase cash flow

  • Understand and identify how they can contribute to positive cash flow

  • Create a personal action plan


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