Angela Wüthrich has worked in sales for over 10 years. She moved to Sweden four years ago, but was born and raised in the Swiss countryside. She is one of the latest additions to the Celemi team. As s Key Account Manager she will be focusing on the DACH region.

When I got introduced to Celemi I met Tore and was very impressed by him. I could feel that he genuinely wanted me to succeed and grow. And when I learned about Celemis products it resonated a lot to me, because where I come from, Switzerland, we have this principle of learning by doing in the general education system. The opportunity to share those principles with the rest of the world really inspired me.

What have you enjoyed the most during your time at Celemi so far?

I’ve met so many wonderful colleagues so far and it’s really been interesting to learn about their experiences with Celemi for the past 30 years. And also to already have been facilitating sessions was really exciting, it was a great experience.

Who is Angela outside of work?

One of my biggest passions is painting. I have painted since I was about two years old when my mother gave me these colors and I just took off from there. And during the pandemic I got into tennis again, it’s a nice way to test my focus. I like to have that balance in life.