The board-based business simulation Celemi Apples & Oranges™ is Celemi’s bestseller, used by 1.5 million participants around the world.

Now also available in a 100 % digital format!

Celemi Apples & Oranges™ is a ready-made solution, designed to help participants get a big picture understanding of how their decisions and actions translate into financials. It is available both in a board-based format as well as in a 100 % digital format. Both versions are designed for facilitator-led sessions, either in a virtual classroom or in a physical classroom.

Participants work in teams of four and learn from each other while solving business dilemmas together. It is a highly interactive simulation with close links to the client’s reality. The key is learning by doing and this is stimulated by creating different challenges and adding the fun element of competition.

Alternative ways of delivering Celemi Apples & Oranges™

The digital format

Facilitator led – can be delivered either in a virtual classroom or in a physical classroom

  • 100 % browser based (no need to download)
  • An online app that every participant logs in to (one computer per participant)
  • For use on any conference platform with breakout room function
  • Team interaction and dialog in breakout rooms

The board-based format

Facilitator led – with physical material in a physical classroom

  • Large format simulation board (100×70 cm)
  • Face-to-face team interaction and dialog
  • Includes the tactile learning element of moving physical coins to imitate the circulation of capital

What are the  benefits of the delivering in the virtual classroom?

Click on a few of our facilitators to listen to their answers:

Celemi Apples & Oranges™ comes in five different versions to reflect various business logics. Each version is highly adaptable to fit context, target group and overall purpose. Choose to read more about a specific version by clicking on the icons below:

Empower your employees to think like business owners through the power of play. 

In Celemi Apples & Oranges™ participants get an overview of how their whole organization functions, and can relate their daily actions and decisions to the company’s profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Participants are grouped in teams that run one company each, competing  with the other teams. To see if they win or lose, they have to complete the financial statements every simulated year. The learning curve is steep and with their new insight, participants come up with ideas how to improve profitability.


Business Acumen
Financial Literacy
Cash Management
Operational Decision-Making
Working Capital
Capacity Utilization

Teams learn how to monitor cash flow, better utilize resources and make productivity improvements. They will also measure results in the Balance sheet and Profit & Loss statement.

While exploring the factors that impact a company’s financial statements – they will develop a solid business sense that can help guide their future decisions in everyday work.

Key results

Companies using Celemi Apples Oranges™ Manufacturing benefit by creating a common vision
throughout the organization, building a shared baseline understanding of financial concepts, and
communicating key messages during times of organizational change.
Participants taking part in the program win by understanding how their daily decisions impact
the company – strategically as well as financially. Participants will:

  • Learn the basic business finance language and the logic of business – “how it works.”
  • Understand how their business generates profit today and how it will need to grow profitably in the future.
  • Understand how to optimize working capital and how the use of assets affects profitability and cash flow.
  • Gain a better idea of the issues that arise when scaling a company for growth.
  • See how small changes in operations – such as enhancing the information flow, improving purchase efficiency and engaging people – can significantly change the outcome and improve bottom line results.

 “Celemi Apples & Oranges exceeded our expectations by a wide margin. [It] not only gives us a foundation to build on – it also creates enthusiasm and gets people involved. These are crucial components for us as we launch our development program.”

Personnel Manager, Volvo Bus Corporation

Find out more about our clients’ experiences of Celemi Apples & Oranges™

In Celemi Apples & Oranges™ participants will:

  • Know how to deploy company resources more efficiently

  • Learn how to read and interpret financial statements

  • Learn how to identify critical elements affecting profitability

  • Learn how to analyze financial ratios and key performance indicators

  • Get an understanding of financial- and management concepts

  • See how their daily decisions impact the company strategically and financially

  • See how they continuously can identify improvements in their own business operations

  • Learn how the business generates profits today, and how it needs to generate profits in the future


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