There’s more to project success than meeting deadlines and keeping budgets. It’s high-pressure teamwork for high-quality results that satisfy all vital stakeholders.

With Celemi business simulations, your team will gain a broad business perspective to think and act more strategically. Projects are not for practice; our simulations are. Let us help your team build confidence and project success skills.

A successful project manager wants the team to learn from mistakes—long before the stakes are high.

Our Solutions

In our ready-made business simulation CELEMI Cayenne™, your team plays the part of another company whose recent project had overruns and unsatisfactory results. They work together to identify the hot buttons and deliver better results.

We also offer custom solutions for team-based learning activities that rapidly guide people through a journey of learning. Our hands-on tools include formats like WorkMat™ series, business simulations, cases, films, interactive PowerPoint presentations, micro games, and e-Learning.

Want to hear how we can help you ensure project success? Get in touch below, and we’ll be happy to help.

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