Strategic alignment is vital to an organization’s success. Celemi business simulations are designed to help your people align and perform together.

Silo-thinking, sub-optimization, and misunderstandings threaten a company’s future. It’s therefore important that all employees can align around their company’s strategy, values, and mission, and see the big picture of how their work contributes to the bottom line. Our business simulations are designed to create strategic alignment. For over 30 years, we’ve been creating learning experiences that give participants the big picture – the “why” of their work – and that create a common lens through which employees can view their organization’s work.

With Celemi Business Simulations and custom solutions you achieve organizational alignment through company-wide dialogue and success visualization.

Improve strategic alignment with these simulations:

Decision making

Stay Ahead In A Changing World

with Celemi Enterprise™

Exercise business thinking for winning results. Align your people behind your strategy.

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Get Success Through People

with Celemi Tango™

Enhance skills in attracting, developing and retaining the right talent and clients. Get competitive edge, execute a successful strategy.

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Client Stories

GAP: Developing Leaders Through Knowledge Sharing

Business simulation
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How do you get over 2,500 managers around the world aligned around a company strategy? Gap turned to Celemi to create a custom one-day learning program called Leading The Way.

AkzoNobel: Delivering the Vision in Company-Wide Dialogue

AXIS: Understanding Company Strategy

For over 30 years, we’ve been helping our clients achieve success
through organizational alignment.

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