CELEMI Sustainability™ – People, Planet, Profit

Celemi Sustainability™ is a business simulation which allows participants to discover how a company can be profitable and sustainable. Participants working in teams need to drive a sustainability transformation for a fictional company, achieving success across a ‘Triple Bottom Line’ of People, Planet and Profit. The facilitated experience shrinks a 10-year timeframe into a 3-hour to 1-day session during which participants will:

  • Learn to assess a company’s performance today by discovering the scope, people and measures that define sustainability
  • Act as advisors to a fictional company transforming their sustainability performance in a simulated environment
  • Learn together through the simulation feedback, each other’s experiences and facilitator debrief
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“Celemi Sustainability™ does an excellent job of simplifying complex topics, connecting to realistic business activities and demonstrating the interconnectedness of ESG strategies. I would recommend this experience to any leader that wants to build environmental, social and governance competencies within their organization.”
Dora Lutz, GivingSpring
“Great training! I learnt a lot about sustainability wothin a comapny and the complexity  of decision making.”
Deltagare, GKN Aerospace


Scope and language of sustainability
Sustinability change initiatives
Business value through sustainability
Success factors for long-term transformtion
Risk and opportunities
How you, as an employee, can make a difference

During Celemi Sustainability™ participants get to experience the greatest challenge in business today by stepping into the driver’s seat of a sustainability transformation.

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The challenge: teams start by exploring what sustainability is and why it is important, before taking on the role of advisors to a simulated company called Omnia, to execute a sustainability transformation.

During the simulation participants collaborate and take decisions to improve Omnia’s sustainability performance. Factors teams must consider include:

  • Prioritizing change initiatives with a limited budget
  • Impact on people, planet and profit – across the whole value chain
  • Expectations of customers, employees and society
  • Finding synergies to succeed against several measures
  • Balancing short-term and long-term targets
  • Risks with making the transformation – or delaying it

Events, changing legislation, consumer trends and opinions from other key stakeholders need to be dealt with as the simulation progresses through 3 gamified years. Rival companies and other teams add the elements of fun and competition into the experience.

Throughout the simulation, teams will see both the short and long-term impact of their actions. Can they succeed in navigating Omnia to become the industry leader in sustainable business?


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