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Intrapreneurship, delegated responsibility and agile management all aim at empowering the organization. However, this won’t work if the organization doesn’t know what it’s doing or understand the cause and effects of business. In other words, every organization needs business acumen.

During Celemi business simulations or custom solutions, participants simulate running a business. They draw up income statements and balance sheets while competing against other teams. During the simulation, participants become painfully aware of and learn how to optimize cash flow. The experience gives participants a big picture of how a corporation functions. They gain new insights into how their own actions and decisions affect the success of their employer.

During the simulation, employees learn how to be critical decision-makers, base their choices on facts and knowledge, and challenge their old routines. Employees will be motivated to think critically about their daily work. Boost your people’s business acumen and improve your bottom line.

Try out your business finance acumen with our Profit Simulator.

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