Leadership Development

Effective leaders are focused on growth—including their own. That’s why leadership development is crucial to a company’s success and organizational culture.

Better leaders with practice through serious play  

With Celemi ready-made and custom business simulations, the power of play can improve leadership in a day. Our solutions develop leaders and build business knowledge through repeated practice in setting strategic direction, executing strategies, decision-making, and critical thinking.

People skills are strengthened, too. Collaboration, communication, engagement, alignment, and leading change are as important as the hard skills of leadership. Some leaders may be born, but all leaders can be developed.

Skill Rehearsal

Learning by doing—that’s how we develop leadership and business acumen through our simulations, explorative exercises, and serious games. Our simulations are safe environments that mirror reality, so your employees can rehearse and improve leadership skills instead of simply studying the essentials.

Simulation Benefits

Simulations are games that do more than entertain. Using models of reality—like a process, organization, event, location, or situation—simulations engage people, help convey meaningful messages, and promote change. Game environments safely allow people to practice specific behaviors without real-world risks. People make business decisions, prioritize, draw conclusions, get instant feedback, reflect, and see the outcomes. In just a day, leaders and employees gain years of experience.

Ready-made Simulations

Our ready-made business simulations can be used at management and leadership events or as part of curricula. Our main leadership development offerings address change, talent management and big picture thinking.

In CELEMI Exploring changeleaders learn the importance of the human side of change.
In CELEMI Tango, leaders understand how to leverage employees and become an employer of choice while growing profitably.
In CELEMI Decision Base, leaders earn a sort of “micro-MBA” by tackling all the challenges and dimensions of running a business.

Custom Solutions

We can also help your company develop customized leadership journeys, curricula, or supportive activities. Our hands-on tools include formats like WorkMat™ series, business simulations, cases, films, interactive PowerPoint presentations, micro games, and e-Learning.

Client Cases

Take it from them, not us. Read about our satisfied clients like Harvard and EON.

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