Business Acumen

Business acumen. A Stronger business knowledge that sticks. An organization succeeds when everyone—at every level—develops business acumen. Increase your bottom line by building your employees’ knowledge of how your company makes money and creates value.

With CELEMI ready-made and custom business simulations, employees understand how individuals impact overall profitability and success. From customer service agents and sales people to executives, we help every employee make quick decisions and take appropriate actions with favorable outcomes.

All employees are crucial decision makers. Boost their competence and confidence to make sound business decisions.

Topics Covered

We use learning by doing through hands-on simulations, explorative exercises, and serious games. Participants have fun, learn fast, and leave with knowledge that sticks.

Big-picture thinking. Financial acumen. Engagement and organizational alignment. We focus on these core areas to build business acumen and form more effective organizations. Within these areas, we cover topics like profitability drivers, cash flow, common financial statements, and financial terms to develop insights about how every decision affects an organization’s overall performance.

Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions available in more than 30 languages. Our local facilitators provide worldwide delivery. We work with you to design programs that achieve your targets. Our hands-on tools include formats like WorkMat™ series, business simulations, cases, films, interactive PowerPoint presentations, micro games, and e-Learning.

Additional Resources

Learn more about the impact of business acumen by reading our white paper or watching our video.

Download our white paper, “Clarifying Business Acumen”

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