We end this week by focusing on the Profit aspect of People, Planet, and Profit, with a look at the decisions business leaders need to make in a sustainability transformation.

90% of CEOs surveyed by Fortune and Deloitte last year agree that addressing climate change is a critical need. However, addressing these issues can be a difficult and complicated process. One of the biggest challenges in addressing climate change is finding balance between short- and long-term decisions.

The Wall Street Journal listed five core tensions for CEOS, executives, and their teams. These are:

1. Profit today, versus build for tomorrow
2. Follow, versus pave the way
3. Compete, versus collaborate
4. Pursue incremental, versus transformational change
5. Focus on a narrow set of stakeholder interests, versus a broader stakeholder set

With these areas of tension, there is rarely if ever one option that is clearly more beneficial. Instead, there are several different options that all present compelling benefits and risks.

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