At Celemi, we are no strangers to Sustainability. We have supported clients with their sustainability journeys as far back at the 1990’s. We decided to up the tempo for 2022 though, as we proudly launch two new powerful business simulations designed to help people understand sustainability and start driving the right changes.

We also understand that thriving as a sustainable business requires all the skills associated with business acumen and helping people align, change and succeed. Perhaps you are facing some of these challenges? If so, we welcome you to get in touch with our consultants and discuss how we can support you to Make Change Happen.

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People, Planet, Profit

Step into the greatest challenge in business today and help our fictional company Omnia drive a transformation to become the industry leader in Sustainable Business. 


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Triple Bottom Line

Over 2 million participants have developed an understanding of how to drive value through our Celemi Apples and Oranges simulation. In 2022 we present our favorite simulation format to help participants with the challenge of today – Sustainable Value Creation. So, if you believe like us, that sustainable business is about empowering everybody with the understanding and skills to succeed we think you’ll love this!