Collaborative, aligned, and refreshed.

This is how everyone felt after our APAC partner meeting in Bangkok on October 17th-19th, 2019.

Over the course of 3 days, 28 participants from 14 of our partners in 11 countries across the Asia-Pacific region came together to talk trends in Training & Development, share facilitation tips and tricks, look towards the future, and strengthen their relationships and partnerships across the region.

The meeting was a mix of presentations and workshops held by Celemi, and presentations and knowledge sharing from our partners. Together, we explored the hot topics of digital learning, design thinking, intergenerational leadership, and agile work methods. Guest speaker Larry Chao captivated the audience with his insightful talk on how to develop an agile mindset, which left everyone eager to continuing exploring the world of agile work methods.

One of the best parts of our partner meetings is always building bridges between partners and networking at our social events. This year was no different. On Thursday evening, our partners had the pleasure of enjoying a River Cruise Dinner, with a seafood buffet, a delicious selection of Thai food, and beautiful views of Bangkok from the river.

On Friday evening, the participants were treated to a social event in the Celemi “learning by doing” tradition: a cooking class! From the rooftop bar of the Bangkok Marriot Hotel, everyone had the chance to learn how to cook traditional Thai recipes from a celebrity chef, all while looking out at the beautiful views of the Bangkok skyline.

Everyone went home from these 3 days buzzing with the excitement of all the developments in the world of Training & Development, the possibilities of helping other organizations to start working in agile ways, and the partnerships and collaborations formed for the future.

We are already looking forward to our future partner meetings in the region!