Can you briefly explain who Celemi is, and what you do?

Celemi has been in the gamified learning business for over 30 years. We help companies all over the world make change happen by bringing people together for shared learning experiences that engage and take people and organizations to higher levels of performance.

What was your reaction to hearing about being named a top 20 gamification company for 2018?

I am of course very proud of Celemi, and I also feel that this is completely natural and that we should have been on the list a long time ago considering how much we have been doing in this field for so long.

In your view, what makes Celemi a leader in gamification and learning?

Two things set us apart. First off, our philosophy and genuine belief that people want to contribute once they see why, and that you should never overestimate people’s knowledge, but never underestimate their capacity to learn. Secondly, a little bit like the Elvis’ album (50 000 000 Fans Can’t Be Wrong), we have been trusted by companies to help over 5 million learners in more than 70 countries around the world get new insights and achieve new behaviors.

What inspires you in your daily work?

Seeing the engagement and pride of the Celemi team and our partners in using our solutions and of course the real results that our clients experience from our learning solutions.

What are Celemi’s plans for the future?

Moving forward, we plan on continuing to be at the forefront of delivering global scalable solutions in the area of business simulations, and to keep pushing the boundaries of gamified learning.


Kjell Lindqvist joined the board of Celemi in 2009 and has been CEO and leader of the global management team since 2010. He works out of our Headquarters in Malmö, Sweden.