The Benefits of Gamified Training

Gamified training can help you understand the big picture of business from a financial and business strategy perspective. Running a simulated business that allows you to see how things work from an aerial view is a game changer for many professionals.
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Gamified Training helps professionals understand business acumen for several reasons:


Healthy competition in the game creates an emotional response that embeds learning into memory. This happens in the hippocampus and is a complex neurological response to the stimuli.

Competition also creates motivation to learn thoroughly. If I want my team to win, I must understand and act accordingly.

Visual Learning

A game board, either digital or physical, with an aerial view of a company helps the learner visualize where their personal role is affected by moves in the game. This knowledge can be extrapolated into common, everyday decisions the learner or colleagues make.

Colleagues Learn From Each Other

Team-based, gamified training allows colleagues to learn from one another. A human resource professional and a finance professional playing on the same team must share perspectives and come together to make a move on the board. Add someone from the commercial team and the operations team, and you have a well-rounded group who sees decisions very differently.
Sharing knowledge and collaborating to come up with the best decision requires a wide breadth of learning and understanding to take place through play.
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