How do we handle Uncertainty?

Aren’t you tired of all the uncertainty?  Or, maybe you are you getting used to it? Uncertainty is always with us in one way or another.

The issue with uncertainty is the way it hijacks our brains and biologically reduces our ability to make sound decisions.  Strategic planning becomes impaired, placing corporations at a severe disadvantage.

At Celemi, we have made it our business to place professionals in uncertain and chaotic fictional situations through our carefully crafted business simulations.  Once professionals have collaborated with teams and worked their way through the chaos in this risk free environment, they build a tolerance. This better equips professionals to navigate the uncertainty of their real world.

On this page, we’ll explore issues with uncertainty and help you find ways to pave a clear path forward. We’ll help you find clarity through the chaos. Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know how we can help!

Explore how to help your people deal with Uncertainty with our business simulations.

Succeed in uncertain times by applying agile principles

with Celemi Agile Move™

Learn to adapt to changing market conditions

Handle the human side of change in uncertain times

with Celemi Exploring Change™

Addressing the Human Side of Change

More business simulations here.

An agile mindset helps in uncertain times – test your use of agile principles here

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How can you boost your brain power in uncertain times?

Clarity is reduced during ambiguity.  In this interesting article you can find several tips for boosting your brain power during uncertain times.

By Wiveca Cederhag, Learning consultant at Celemi for 25 years.

Learning MORE about the business reduces the impact of uncertainty

“I knew the session was going to be a challenge.  A major challenge.  The program was happening anyway, even though the company had just gotten horrible news.”

Read this story about how business acumen can minimize the stress, sense of powerlessness, and the negative impact of uncertainty.

By Dan Topf, Facilitator for Celemi solutions for 20 years.

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