Our Culture and Values

At Celemi, people are our business and our core. That’s why we’re a company of passionate, reflective, engaged and wise people who are supportive and collaborative, too. Our standards are high, which makes sense because we believe high attention to detail and high quality of service are paramount.

As practitioners, business people and colleagues, we always strive to be customer-committed, open, trusting and creative.

We promise to be:


We are committed to all our stakeholders, customers, colleagues, partners, suppliers and owners to deliver exceptional value; build and maintain relationships; understand conditions in place; look beyond our part in the process; and take responsibility to the end. Plus, we keep our promises–and promise what we can keep.


We use fair, straightforward communication and always voice any issues or concerns. We have simple, logical processes and policies that support involvement and encourage teamwork. We listen, take appropriate action and share the reasoning behind our decisions. We like breaking new ground.


We trust in abilities and respect competencies and responsibilities. We encourage initiative and ownership. We show respect and care for individuals. We empower people to become self-confident, creative and independent.


We strive for new, bold ideas and perspectives and seek inspiration from many different areas. We are specialists in decoding key messages and opting for simplicity and clarity.
We are not afraid to challenge our client’s brief.

Want to work with us?

We’re always on the look-out for talented, enthusiastic, result-oriented people passionate about learning. And we seriously believe in the power of diversity and the existence of genuine work-life balance. If it sounds like we should get to know each other, contact us.

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