CELEMI Cayenne™ – Virtual Classroom Solution

Warm up a project team and bring out the best in each participant. Prepare your people to anticipate and mitigate the most common project pitfalls.

In Celemi Cayenne™, participants will act as advisors in a project – an IT roll-out of a new system. The project has been finalized, but in hindsight it was not a success, nobody’s satisfied. The project failed to deliver as expected, the potential value was insufficiently tapped and there were overruns.

In teams, participants revisit the project to identify the issues, deliver better results and maximize business value while balancing diverse stakeholder needs. The challenges are universal.

The lessons are as memorable like the burn of a hot pepper.

Help your company learn from their mistakes long before the stakes are high by playing Celemi Cayenne™ – the secret ingredient for securing project success.

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“I found it stimulating and thought-provoking, especially
the ‘knock-on’ effect of our choices noted, making decisions and the importance of group-work and communication.”

– Team leader, Local county council, United Kingdom

In Celemi Cayenne™ participants will:

  • Gain a holistic understanding of projects and critical success factors.

  • Diagnose signs and symptoms of potential problems and mitigate them.

  • Prioritize to get the most value from limited resources.

  • Understand the importance of preparedness and actions from the start.

Agile move - webinar on agile principles

Key employee results

Celemi CayenneTM is designed for you who wish to increase staff commitment and improve alignment on a project. Participants will secure an understanding of critical success factors in project work and, by competing in teams, establish proactive behavior and effective communication amongst project team members.

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Key Concepts

Group knowledge sharing
Creating alignment
Team building
Diagnosing signs and symptoms of potential pitfalls, and mitigating them with limited resources
Understanding the full impact of decisions


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