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CELEMI Sales Endeavour™


Help your team increase sales, improve close rates, reduce cycle times, and give management greater insight into the organization’s sales pipeline.

Celemi Sales Endeavour™ saves sales professionals valuable time and resources by helping them think through strategic considerations, such as buyers and competition, so they choose only the most productive and profitable opportunities to pursue.

Celemi Sales Endeavour™ is based on a case. Participants will navigate their way through a challenging sales opportunity filled with risks, unexpected detours, “rat holes,” competitive informants, changing organizations, hidden agendas, shifting buying preferences, unreasonable expectations, strong competition, and customer uncertainty.

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Opportunity Management
Key Account Management
Sales Process Alignment
Client Relationship Management
Value based selling
By the end of the program, participants leave with a fully developed sales plan for one of their own prospects, as well as the skills and insight needed to win more sales in the future.
The best part: the process is repeatable.

“I realize now that our previous sales training has been too focused on our offering. Celemi Sales Endeavour™ was different. The relationships part of the program truly appealed to me, and the simulation format worked really well.”

– Vice President Marketing, International Consulting Firm

“The Sales Endeavour™  seminar showed us the importance of a structured and well-defined sales process. All participants leave the session with a toolbox of approaches and methods which can be instantly used to increase sales precision. Thought-provoking, and useful!”

– HR Manager, CNH (Fiat Group)

“Our employees truly enjoyed the simulation approach to training, as well as the facilitator’s energy. Celemi Sales Endeavour™ rejuvenated our discussions on how the sales function can be approached, and helped improve sales efforts in the upcoming quarters.”

– Victoria Michaelidou, HR Manager, Easy-Forex

Use Celemi Sales Endeavour™ when you want to strengthen your sales professional’s ability to:

  • Prioritize sales opportunities based on chance of success and value to the organization.

  • Conduct sales calls – with a focus on addressing the customer’s business needs and challenges.

  • Ask effective and meaningful questions during sales calls.

  • Build and sustain relationships with customers and prospects.

  • Develop strategies and tactics for defeating the competition.

  • Identify the key decision maker(s) in every sales situation.

  • Apply effective closing techniques.

  • Stay focused on a well-defined plan to win the sale.


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