CELEMI Exploring Change™ 

Addressing the Human Side of Change

Celemi Exploring Change™ is a dialogue program about the human side of change. It allows professionals to share and learn together while raising awareness on change theories in a safe environment.  

In this program, participants will identify change behaviors together. In a facilitator-led discussion, they will uncover the success factors that address individuals’ resistance to change.  

Celemi Exploring Change™ visualizes change management through commonly used models complemented with images/film, cases, and reflection questions that allow the participants to understand challenges in different dimensions and draw their own conclusions. The knowledge can be applied on an ongoing change initiative or to lead change effectively the future.  

Most importantly, Celemi Exploring Change™ provides a great tool for teams to align on what it takes to move their people towards new ways of working – and how to talk about it. This ability is essential for business success and survival in a VUCA world. 

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Change Management Awareness
Change Implementation
Leadership Skills
Organizational resistance

The Celemi Exploring Change™ workshop materials include a case story that is explored through the eyes of four different employees.

The case story can be used as a framework for adding additional topics that are relevant in a specific context or organization.

“We held the workshop as part of a 2-day management meeting, as we were planning the reorganization of our European distribution chain. The session helped us consider the full context of the change, and put the spotlight on what we need to get right, to bring people on board.”

– Kerstin Lindell, President and CEO, Bona AB 

“We know that our IT-solutions trigger change processes, and we help our clients prepare and communicate around change. The workshop was a great tool for sharing experiences between our consultants, and brainstorming about new services we can offer to them.”

– Business area manager, IT consultancy

Celemi Exploring Change™ provides a platform for:

  • Sharing experiences of transformation processes

  • Applying theoretical models for organizational transformation

  • Deepening the participants’ understanding of the human side of change


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